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The Choice For…

Accountability. Democracy. Shakopee.

Each afternoon, when we cross the 101 Bridge into Shakopee, my bubbly three-year-old daughter shouts upon seeing the River City Center and the Chief Shakopee statue: “Look Dadda, it’s MY SHAKOPEE!” Since moving to Shakopee, we have come to love this vibrant, diverse, hard-working community we now call home. I want everyone to have that same feeling when they come home to Shakopee: that it’s “My Shakopee”, a place to be proud of.

Our city is growing, and we have choices to make about the very future of our community. We desperately need affordable housing that meets the needs of people living and working here in our community. We need to provide better ways for commuters to get into the metro area: not everyone works downtown, and our transit options need to reflect where people work the most. We need infrastructure that works for our citizens and makes our community better. We need to ensure that the city government works for the best interests of the people of Shakopee, and not just developers.

This is why I’m running for Shakopee City Council. Join me in helping make Shakopee a place where people can thrive long into the future.