Brad & Beth McGarr

of Shakopee, Minnesota, USA

Envisioning Progress: Call For People Power

Over the thanksgiving holiday, I began working on the basis of a new project. Actually, two projects. One is a media project, Envision Progress, which will do exactly what the title says: create a clear and coherent vision of a progressive future.

The second project is undoubtedly much more exciting. It is called Progress United, which will pursue an inside-outside dual strategy of advancing a progressive domestic and international policy agenda. It differs from Our Revolution and Indivisible, or Brand New Congress in some fundamental ways.

The Working Logo of Progress United: Our Color is Purple To Symbolize the Unity of Progressive Democrats and Democratic Socialist-leaning Progressives

First, it will include a coherent strategy aimed toward victory, and shifts the primary focus from “large exciting races” such as Congress to small, local races such as municipal, school board, county, and other special districts.

Second, it will be organized to minimize internal drama and focus on our shared goals: defeating fascism and restoring America to a path of Progress, Peace, and Equity. 

Third, it will not just seek to endorse candidates, but incubate them. We’re looking to see more everyday people in roles of elected leadership, not just people who are already successful. We will start by giving comprehensive civics education classes, teaching people about Roberts Rules, helping with confidence needed for public speaking, etc.

Fourth, we will have a crystal clear progressive policy agenda for every level of government and have people working on writing intelligent, coherent policy that can be brought by our candidates.

This project won’t be easy. Right now I want to connect with people who are very interested in making this project real. Primarily, people who are good at media, graphics, organizing, fundraising, or legal hurdles.

If you feel you’re interested in being part of the executive committee, please send a resume to me at blmcgarr ‘@’ protonmail . ch.

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