Brad & Beth McGarr

of Shakopee, Minnesota, USA

A Glutton for Punishment

Because my plate is absolutely never too full, this weekend I ran and successfully was elected by my peers in the Minnesota School Employees Association union to be a regional director. For two-years filling a vacancy caused by a long-time union man retiring for a second time in his life.

I ran for two reasons: one, last Delegate Assembly I noticed we had trouble getting enough candidates to fill the positions. I can understand, it’s a nice big helping of more stuff on top of often overloaded people. Also, for those living close to the Twin Cities, it often means a long, long drive for a board meeting. Either way, it’s not exactly an enticing offer for most people who work what essentially comes out to be part-time. The second reason being that MSEA, like most public unions, is feeling the pressure of the Janus decision. I felt it was time to get into a role in which I can help bring some vibrancy, some energy, and help boost our union.

I’ve worked long enough in the private sector without a union to know I really don’t have any desire to go back to working without one. So, I’ll take on the challenge, step up, and fight to keep our union strong and healthy. A big part of that is going to be to try to invigorate our members into being excited about being part of this organization.

For now, some rest. Tomorrow, another day of work and tomorrow evening, putting the final touches on my brief presentation at Hamline University.

It’s time for awesome!

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